Market research

Market research

Market analysis is required, if you are interested in our market but need a lot more information before making the decision to enter it. That is why we offer you an advanced market analysis. Ukraine's business activities in many industries are concentrated in Kyiv. Therefore, we usually focus on the Kyiv region. We can also include other cities and regions according to your specific requirements.

Your competitors

In our market research, we provide the detailed analysis of your competitors’ business activities in the Ukrainian market. Such analysis usually distinguishes between manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as domestic and foreign market participants.

Your customers

We analyse not only your potential customers and their business development but also the overall development of the industry sector and your potential in it. The issue of long-term or short-term contracts between current customers and their suppliers is as important as the general willingness of customers to change their supplier.

Distribution and partners

Our market analysis also includes search for distributors and partners. The distribution system is a crucial success factor for entering the market. Therefore, the specific regional features of Ukraine play an important role in our market analysis. Ukraine offers various opportunities for cooperation with local distributors, but such approach requires effective control mechanism.

Practical aspects of the business start-up

Our services do not end with the completion of theoretical work. As part of our implementation-oriented analysis, we also show our clients how to solve practical aspects of the business start-up. This includes the availability of qualified staff, cost of office rent, and general financial needs , as well as legal / bureaucratic obstacles in the Ukrainian market.


Since 2006 SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting international companies expanding to Ukraine. Our portfolio includes a full scope of services: from market analysis and partner search to complete accounting outsourcing, legal and tax consulting, and interim management services. We take over all non-core business functions so that our clients can focus on developing their business. We help our clients establishing subsidiaries in Ukraine compliant with local legislative requirements and transparent for international management. Our experts offer advice on best practices to optimise processes, reduce risks and minimise costs.

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