Management reporting

Preparation of management reporting in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP, German GAAP (HGB) and / or head office corporate requirements for local divisions of international companies operating in Ukraine.

Do you prepare reports on the activities of the local division for the parent company or meet the requirements of regulators for reporting according to international standards?

SCHNEIDER GROUP consultants will check financial statements in accordance with local standards, analyse head office corporate requirements and generate a set of management reports to ensure transparency of subsidiaries for shareholders abroad. We will:

  • Prepare reports for the head office on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Provide management reporting according to IFRS, US GAAP, German GAAP (HGB)
  • Transfer the data of the Ukrainian reporting to your corporate chart of accounts.

SCHNEIDER GROUP management reporting services may include:

  • Preparation of weekly and monthly reports on: cash flow, warehouse relocation of products revenues, orders, sales analysis in terms of customers, products, etc. receivables.
  • Preparation of weekly and monthly cash flow forecasts / budgets.
  • Preparation of monthly management reports (SFP - statement of financial position and SFR - statement of financial results) according to IFRS, US GAAP, German GAAP (HGB).
  • Preparation of notes to the articles of the SFP and SFR and / or detailed transcripts to them.
  • Transfer of Ukrainian reporting data to corporate financial accounts; advising on the preparation of reports in accordance with the National provisions (standards) of accounting NP(S)A, ensuring transparency of Ukrainian reporting data.
  • Assistance in the budgeting process.
  • Quarterly update / adjustment of budget data.
  • Reconciliation of management reporting data with the data of annual financial statements, prepared in accordance with the standards of NP(S)A, with the annual income tax return; identification of inconsistencies; providing comments.
  • Preparation of annual and quarterly tax balance sheets (providing transcripts of expenses and income, both deductible and non-deductible for the purpose of income tax calculation).
  • Preparation of other management reports at your request.

Reporting is available in either Ukrainian, Russian, English, or German.

What you get

We prepare management reports according to both the requirements of regulators and head office corporate standards. If necessary, we will provide templates created by SCHNEIDER GROUP based on many years of experience preparing management reports for international companies. We will make the necessary changes to the templates to reflect important information for the customer.
We will help you to automate accounting in accordance with IFRS. We integrate local accounting systems with the solution used by head office for real-time data exchange. We set up automatic generation and distribution of reports with the information you require, such as warehouse stock, invoiced amounts, receivables, etc.
In addition to final reports, we provide working files to monitor all adjustments, from the local balance sheet to the final financial information in the report and facilitate data verification for head office, thus reducing the number of requests for clarification from the parent company to local divisions.

Why Schneider group

Regardless of the agreed scope of services, we offer optimisations for presentation of financial information considering your requirements. In case of doubt, we provide free consulting to improve the interaction during preparation of reports and organization of optimal communication between the local division and the head office.
Without long-term approvals we adapt the scope of our services in case of any of your changes. We ensure data consolidation from several departments and timely transfer of reports to head office. If necessary, we prepare additional explanations on the principles of reflecting certain transactions in either Ukrainian, Russian, English or German.
For each client we put together a project team of experts with relevant industry experience in cross-cultural environment. Our employees regularly improve their skills and undergo a competence assessment procedure twice a year.
When ordering services for accounting or management reporting, we conduct free express-diagnostics of the customer's activities, check the correctness and quality of accounting and tax reporting. We analyse the obtained data and prepare a comprehensible summary report on any identified shortcomings with practical recommendations for remedying them.

Since 2006 SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting international companies expanding to Ukraine. Our portfolio includes a full scope of services: from market analysis and partner search to complete accounting outsourcing, legal and tax consulting, and interim management services. We take over all non-core business functions so that our clients can focus on developing their business. We help our clients establishing subsidiaries in Ukraine compliant with local legislative requirements and transparent for international management. Our experts offer advice on best practices to optimise processes, reduce risks and minimise costs.

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