Accounting outsourcing

Providing complex (upon customer request, limited to certain areas) accounting and tax support services to international companies, operating in Ukraine since 2006. We work with all kinds of legal entities.

Interested in developing your business instead of spending time on accounting? Accounting support from SCHNEIDER GROUP helps our customers focus on their key business. Our accounting and tax experts will handle accounting tasks of any complexity. The accumulated expertise and industry experience of SCHNEIDER GROUP allow our customers to use best accounting practices, minimize financial and tax risks, and fully manage accounting costs.

What you get

We help to develop the optimal strategy taking into account our customers’ business specifics, local legal requirements, and the head office’s standards. We provide you with support, improving financial, personnel, and other routine processes via cooperation. We identify inefficient processes and resource-consuming tasks, proactively offer optimal solutions, including the description of business processes.
We arrange your initial accounting setup and help automate it, integrating the local accounting system with the solution used in the head office for real-time data exchange. We set up automatic generation and distribution of reports containing the information most valuable to your business, such as warehouse balances, invoiced amounts, receivables, etc.
We organize turnkey accounting: from collecting and storing documents to preparing and submitting of accounting, tax, and statistical reporting. We provide methodological support and proactively advise on legislative changes to mitigate risks. If required, we restore accounting in the programs and documents. We participate in tax and other control activities.
Depending on the customer’s tasks, we take over the management of a specific part of accounting, such as payroll and HR administration, expense reports, fixed assets, inventory, bank, and currency control. We develop accounting policy and the document flow procedure, prepare job descriptions and provide constant support for your employees.
We prepare / check accounting reporting in accordance with the national provisions (standards) of accounting (NP(S)A), analyze the head office’s corporate requirements, make necessary adjustments in line with GAAP and generate management reporting to ensure transparency of the local subsidiaries for shareholders abroad. Upon request, we organize a reverse transformation from IFRS to NP(S)A.
After analysing the customer’s current approach to accounting and taxation, we identify possible financial and tax risks, and advise on the required changes to reduce them. We help to prevent or mitigate risks of penalties for accounting deficiencies and violations.

Why Schneider group

Our team members are graduates with diplomas and certificates from leading Ukrainian and international economic universities. When hiring, we not only assess professional knowledge, client-orientated approach, and communication skills, but also pay attention to the applicant’s ethical principles. Our employees regularly upgrade their professional skills, and their competence is assessed twice a year during regular evaluation procedure.
The customer is accompanied by a dedicated client manager with relevant industry experience. The client manager not only answers questions in the field of accounting support, but also provides communication with the other SCHNEIDER GROUP departments when needed to solve related tasks. The client manager communicates with the customer via any convenient communication channel. On average, major employees’ work experience in SCHNEIDER GROUP is nine years, which means that customers do not have to face a constant change of your main contact person.
Our accountants are integrated into the customers’ business processes. We identify financial, tax, and administrative risks, provide the customer with the necessary analytics to make informed decisions and give recommendations on performance optimisation. We can organize work of our employees in the customer's office.
Over 65% of our clients have worked with us for more than 5 years, and about 30% of them stay for over 10 years. Our occupational risks are always insured with leading international financial institutions. Although the insurance has never been claimed during this time, we do not waive it, considering it our responsibility and guarantee for our clients.
We connect and configure EDI with customers and their suppliers, which significantly reduces costs.
We support in a crisis situation, such as rapid significant business growth, sudden departure of an employee, the need to restore accounting, implementing of a new accounting system, audits of government agencies, preparation of reports against tough deadlines, and other complex tasks.

Since 2006 SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting international companies expanding to Ukraine. Our portfolio includes a full scope of services: from market analysis and partner search to complete accounting outsourcing, legal and tax consulting, and interim management services. We take over all non-core business functions so that our clients can focus on developing their business. We help our clients establishing subsidiaries in Ukraine compliant with local legislative requirements and transparent for international management. Our experts offer advice on best practices to optimise processes, reduce risks and minimise costs.

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