Accounting and tax review

When transferring control to a new team in case of request from the auditors of the head office or doubts about the current reporting performance, the management needs additional data to substantiate its decisions.

Our independent comprehensive review of the quality of accounting and tax reporting includes identification of related risks and not only provides for the decision-making foundation, but also prevents financial and reputational losses due to errors and violations in accounting procedures. The audit covers all areas of responsibility of the accounting department and covers the period at your request.

Subject of review:

  • Quality of current accounting practices
  • Quality of tax reporting
  • Completeness and timeliness of reporting
  • Risks of non-compliance with complex local regulators

We focus on your goals, not on accounting entries.

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers flexible solutions. We focus on your particular areas, and can expand or change the focus during the review, if it is necessary for achieving the agreed result.

First of all, we analyse the highest risks, but adhere to the principle of completeness, and include a full list of detected errors, violations, and opportunities for optimization in order of priority in the report.

Based on legal requirements, we achieve maximum application of recommendations for a particular company. If there are several solutions, we include a description of their pros and cons.

What you get

We point out financial and tax risks associated with your current approach to accounting and tax reporting. We explain what needs to be changed to mitigate them.
We help ensure business transparency to clients, partners, and regulators. We look for profitable solutions for the company in strict compliance with legal requirements.
We show areas for optimizing accounting and tax accounting and reducing costs, and provide methodological support during our review.  
We draw attention to the need to comply with the requirements of industry-specific legislation, such as paying environmental tax.
We help prevent or minimise the risks of fines related to deficiencies and violations in accounting.
We find cases of actual and potential violations of the law, provide detailed comments and offer solutions based on the current situation.

Why Schneider group

We are guided by your preferences regarding timing and format. We can conduct a review in your office or remotely, using copies of accounting, tax reporting, and payroll databases. A remote review option with one-time visit to the office is also available.
The report can be provided either in Ukrainian, Russian, English or German. The results of the review are presented in simple terms and include only the summary of findings, risks, and recommendations. We also include references to regulations or explanations of local specifics, depending on the target audience of the report.
We focus on your business requirements in terms of timing, and can organize an urgent review within a few days. We ensure that the task is completed within a limited timeframe, by using internal resources, and not through a selective approach.
We use our own system of indicators to analyse information and build relationships between accounting elements to identify hidden risks. We expand the focus during the review when identifying information that requires careful consideration.
Updating the principles of building business processes and eliminating irrelevant requirements reduce labour costs and deadlines.

Since 2006 SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting international companies expanding to Ukraine. Our portfolio includes a full scope of services: from market analysis and partner search to complete accounting outsourcing, legal and tax consulting, and interim management services. We take over all non-core business functions so that our clients can focus on developing their business. We help our clients establishing subsidiaries in Ukraine compliant with local legislative requirements and transparent for international management. Our experts offer advice on best practices to optimise processes, reduce risks and minimise costs.

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