Labour and migration law

SCHNEIDER GROUP helps structuring employment relationships and provides full migration support

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s labour and migration law experts offer solutions for building efficient working relationships between employers and employees, thus contributing to reduction of legal risks and sustainable business development. We will provide:

  • Advice on Ukrainian labour and migration legislation
  • Analysis and risk assessment of employment practices
  • Preparation of documents related to work with foreign nationals
  • Full legal support in labour and migration disputes
  • Development of new, and analysis of current internal policies and regulations

SCHNEIDER GROUP labour and migration law services:

  • Recommendations and support of highly skilled consultants in labour and migration law
  • Advice on changes in an internal structure (staff reduction) and staff costs optimisation
  • Support during dismissals of employees due to company liquidation
  • Review of internal regulations, policies and HR records
  • Legal support in complicated dismissals (violation of internal labour rules, dismissals of protected categories of employees)
  • Negotiations with employees, legal representation
  • Customer representation in controlling and supervisory authorities
  • Assistance in transferring employees to remote work and drafting necessary documents

  • Development of employment agreements, job descriptions, internal policies and regulations
  • Review of personal services agreements to reduce legal risks of being considered employment agreements
  • Full migration support: temporary and permanent residence permits, long-term visas, work permits
  • Preparing and submitting necessary notifications on concluding or terminating an employment agreement with a foreign national
  • Advice on special working hours in a company
  • Consulting on personal data processing, protection of trade secrets, drafting necessary documents

Since 2006 SCHNEIDER GROUP has been supporting international companies expanding to Ukraine. Our portfolio includes a full scope of services: from market analysis and partner search to complete accounting outsourcing, legal and tax consulting, and interim management services. We take over all non-core business functions so that our clients can focus on developing their business. We help our clients establishing subsidiaries in Ukraine compliant with local legislative requirements and transparent for international management. Our experts offer advice on best practices to optimise processes, reduce risks and minimise costs.

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