REBUILD UKRAINE initiative creates business opportunities for international companies


The most conservative estimates of forthcoming investment in Ukraine’s infrastructure recovery and modernization already substantially exceeds the EUR 350 BN threshold. The REBUILD UKRAINE project will last for decades with logistics, construction, transportation, healthcare and energy security being the main sectors in focus.

The implementation of the REBUILD UKRAINE initiative is well underway and the first tenders are already taking place. In particular, USAID alone and in April 2023 alone announced 11 of these tenders, aimed just at the energy security sector.

Though requirements to tender proposals may allow companies without a footprint in Ukraine to compete, it is obvious that the fact of a local setup provides a solid additional degree of credibility in terms of experience and market knowledge.. Besides, a local presence in many ways makes it much easier to interact with the Ukrainian municipal and governmental authorities as the core project owners and recipients of results from respective investments. And last but not least – being at the epicenter of a recovering and modernizing market allows for quick and constant access to news and additional opportunities coming out of the REBUILD UKRAINE initiative.

Please refer to the attached concise summary of the scope of the REBUILD UKRAINE initiative project as well as alternatives for Ukrainian market entry by interested investors. We at the Ukrainian office of SCHNEIDER GROUP believe that your area of expertise and professional experience resonates well the requirements for successful competition on the market.

We are also committed to keep providing you with regular news and updates on the REBUILD UKRAINE initiative. We will be grateful if you could let us know the contacts of responsible team members within your organization for efficient information sharing.


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