Legislative changes and innovations in 2024

  1. Minimum Wage Increase:
  2. From January 1, the minimum wage will be 7100, and from April 1, it will increase to 8000 hryvnias. This will affect taxes and fees for businesses tied to the minimum wage and the subsistence minimum.

    Ukrainians who are 65 years old and have a full insurance record (30 years for women and 35 for men) will have the right to a pension recalculation. According to the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance," the minimum pension for such retirees cannot be less than 40% of the minimum wage, now amounting to 2840 hryvnias.

    There will also be an increase in the monthly cash payment for individuals with special merits to the country.

    Pension recalculations, allowances, and other pension-related adjustments will be conducted from March 1, taking into account the subsistence minimum for disabled persons set on January 1, 2024.

  3. Subsistence Minimum Increase:
  4. The general subsistence minimum from January 1 will be 2920 hryvnias (compared to 2589 hryvnias in 2023).

    Specific amounts for different age groups and categories of individuals are mentioned, and the allowance for honorary blood donors will increase from 258.9 to 292 hryvnias.

  5. Annual Income Limits for Individual Entrepreneurs (FOPs):
  6. The annual income limits for different groups of FOPs have been adjusted, affecting their tax regime.

  7. Increased Compensation for Workplace Arrangement for People with Disabilities:
  8. Employers will receive higher compensation for arranging the workplace for persons with disabilities.

  9. Taxation for Individual Entrepreneurs (FOPs):
  10. Various tax rates and amounts for different groups of FOPs are specified, including the Unified Social Contribution (ESV) and income tax.

  11. Reconstruction Program (єВідновлення):
  12. Compensation for the repair of housing damaged by aggressors is extended to those who have already made repairs at their own expense.

    A new type of compensation for housing damaged during a full-scale war in temporarily uncontrollable territories may be introduced in 2024.

  13. Land Reform:
  14. The second stage of land reform starts from January 1, allowing legal entities registered in the country to buy up to 10,000 hectares of agricultural land. The law prohibits foreigners from buying land.


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